Rent, electricity, water… Constrained expenses represent 80% of the budget of the most modest

Ever more numerous, constrained expenses have also increased in recent months. So much so that for some households, they cut their budget by 80%.

Loans, rent, electricity, fuel… constrained expenses weigh heavily on household budgets. And with theinflation and the outbreak of energy costs, the bill has increased further. Thus, according to the fourth wave of the Constrained Spending Index Research, published by The Parisian, these imposed charges represent an average of 1,095 euros per month for a household, or 35% of their budget.

But depending on the level of income, the burden of these constrained expenses can be much heavier. According to the survey, these levies can reach 80% of the budget of the most modest households, against only 17% for the wealthiest. Young adults are also the most affected. “18-24 year olds are subject to a very sharp increase in their fixed costs, 256 euros more in one year, which now represents 51% of their average net income”, notes Cédric Ménager, general manager of Furets, quoted by the daily. Ile-de-France.

Disparities are also observed between regions. Constrained expenses are much higher in Île-de-France (1,187 euros on average) due to higher rents, in Pays de la Loire (1,183 euros) and Bourgogne Franche-Comté (1,165 euros), due to transportation costs. Conversely, these charges weigh less heavily for households in Occitanie and Hauts de France (1,057 and 1,058 euros monthly, or 40% of income).

Note that the accommodation item (rent/mortgage) remains (…)

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