Renault would sell 28% of the shares it holds in Nissan

It was probably yesterday, during a tripartite meeting in Tokyo which began on Tuesday and which signed a first physical interview with Mistubishi, the new member of the Alliance, that the news would have filtered.

The diamond group chaired by Jean-Dominique Senard is preparing to very significantly reduce its investment in Nissan, his partner of 23 years. According to the famous daily Nikkei, which provides figures precise enough to appear credible, Renault could indeed reduce its stake in the Japanese brand from 43% to 15%, i.e. a level of commitment which would then be equivalent to Nissan’s current share. in Renault. The Japanese economic newspaper adds that Renault would waive the voting rights attached to the shares transferred.

Renault-Nissan: what about future joint projects?

Is this supposed approach to the sale of shares linked to the recent merger between Renault and the Chinese Geely ? Could it be linked more precisely to the Horse entity (dedicated to thermal and hybrid engines) that the latter have just formalized at the beginning of November? Impossible to confirm at this stage but the fact remains that Nissan had expressed reservations about this merger, fearing in particular for the protection of its intellectual property rights, according to Reuters.

For the time being, neither the leaders of Renault, nor those of Nissan, wished to comment. This announcement would nevertheless have something to contrast relatively with the tone of the discussions on Tuesday. Two days ago, Jean-Dominique Senard and his counterpart Makoto Uchida, CEO of Nissan, assured that trust had never been so good between their two brands. It is also the day when theoretically, they should have mentioned a date of agreement concerning their future joint projects. In vain, for the moment…

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