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Thank you all for following us, see you on Sunday for the mass start of these gentlemen which will conclude this German week.

15:37 End of the relay. It’s over in Ruhpolding, Norway wins ahead of Germany and the Blues! Without Jacquelin, France still secures the podium!

15:33 4th stint – 3rd lap.Claude comes out with almost a minute ahead of Ponsiluoma (Sweden), third place is normally acquired for the Blues.

15:31 4th stint – 2nd shot.Johannes Boe, perhaps a tad too easy, draws twice. But he could afford it … Rees does not miss anything on his last shot, Claude either.

15:30 4th stint – 2nd lap.Claude is alone, far from Rees (35″ from Johannes Boe) but also with a comfortable lead of more than 30 seconds over Sweden.


Fillon Maillet: “The only instruction is to do it as quickly as possible. I feel pretty good. I’m very happy for Perrot and I understand Guigonnat. We’re aiming for the podium!”


Fillon Maillet: “It’s not easy to fight in the lead, the pressure increases as it goes on. The format is short and dynamic, there are more errors on shots.”

15:26 4th stint – 1st shot.Johannes Boe, as in the parade, returns his five balls in prone shooting. Rees draws once, Claude three times. The Frenchman narrowly avoided a penalty lap.

15:22 4th stint – 1st lap.Johannes Boe does not have time, he drops Rees from the outset. The German is already at almost ten seconds, Claude at 45 seconds.


Perrot: “I’m super happy, it’s a great satisfaction. Afterwards, playing in front, it’s not easy. They piss off, these Norwegians (smile). We believe in it!”

15:19 4th handover.Guigonnat manages to return to third place, 40 seconds behind Christiansen and Doll. Claude’s turn to conclude this relay for the Blues.

15:13 3rd stint – 2nd shot.Christansen and Doll only miss once, Guigonnat misses in the greatest widths and has to go for a penalty lap.

15:12 3rd stint – 2nd lap.Doll, Guigonnat and Christiansen regrouped in the lead, ten seconds ahead of Sweden in fourth place.

15:07 3rd stint – 1st shot.It’s perfect for Guigonnat, but also for Doll and the German went faster. The two men leave together, Christiansen came back to 9 “only.

15:07 3rd relay – 1st lap.Guigonnat is almost joined by the local Doll and will bet everything on his shots, already the first down to come.

15:01 2nd handover.Fillon Maillet, halfway through the race, handed over to Guigonnat with a 13″ lead over Finland, but above all 15″ over Germany and 34″ over Norway.

14:56 2nd stint – 2nd shot.Fillon Maillet concedes the first French miss of the day, on his standing shot, but he is not the only one and remains firmly in the lead with 18 seconds over Finland.


Laegreid (for L’Equipe): “A lot of things happened in my head, I have to sort it out, I have a problem with this standing shot in the relay since the Games.”

14:52 2nd relay – 2nd lap.Fillon Maillet keeps his fifteen-second lead over Kuehn (Germany), Femling (Sweden), Hiidensalo (Finland) and Eder (Austria).

14:50 2nd stint – 1st shot.Fillon Maillet gets everything on his lying shot, as well as Eder, Femling and Kuehn who come out at fifteen seconds. Tarjei Boe, tenth at 50″, drew once.

14:49 2nd relay – 1st lap.Fillon Maillet gave three seconds to his pursuers, above all he remained at the same speed as Tarjei Boe who, although relegated far behind, remains THE threat.

14:43 1st handover.The young Perrot continues to set an impeccable pace, he keeps his Finnish pursuer more than ten seconds behind when launching Fillon Maillet.

14:38 1st stint – 2nd shot.Perrot misses nothing on his standing shot, unlike Laegried who completely misses and has to go for a penalty lap.

14:36 1st relay – 2nd lap.Perrot is holding on tight to Laegreid, the skiing conditions look excellent. Shooting is more likely than ever to make the difference today.

14:32 1st stint – 1st shot.Perrot is perfect on his lying shot, as are Laegreid and Zobel. Samuelsson drops a ball and must therefore draw once.

14:28 1st stint – 1st lap.The group is still very compact, logically, at the start of the race. Perrot remains at the forefront with Laegreid.


Let’s go to Ruhpolding! The atmosphere is necessarily favorable to the Germans, led by Zobel. Perrot gets into Laegreid’s skis to start.


Hello and welcome to our site to follow the Ruhpolding men’s relay live from 2:25 p.m. with live commentary. France will field Eric Perrot, Quentin Fillon Maillet, Antonin Guigonnat and Fabien Claude, while Norway will be represented by Sturla Laegreid, Tarjei Boe, Vetle Christiansen and Johannes Boe.

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