Raymond Domenech does not spare the 2018 world champions

In an interview given to ozapthe former coach of the France team Raymond Domenech did not really enjoy the coronation of the Blues world champions in 2018 in Russia: “I’m going to be naughty. I’ll tell you that I was bored in 2018. I’m trying to get a match out… There may have been France-Argentina because there were two actions in the match, wonders the former coach of the Blues. But can someone spontaneously tell me a World Cup match in 2018 that we remember? A match where we have everything? None.”

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The former coach of OL and FC Nantes also admitted not having vibrated behind the team of Didier Deschamps: “For me, a good World Cup, these are matches that we remember, adds Raymond Domenech. These are games that are out of the ordinary, where there was emotion. Something! That of 2018, apart from winning it, I have no memories where I vibrated. However, I was on the comments. I have nothing. I erased everything. I had no emotions. The interstellar void.

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