Rachel Legrain-Trapani breaks the taboo of sexuality during pregnancy

His greatest happiness is undoubtedly to see his two sons grow up. However, Rachel Legrain-Trapani did not like all aspects of her pregnancies.

Raising a child? It’s his department! When she’s not parading, taking part in a photo shoot or appearing on a television set, smiling, Rachel Legrain-Trapani finally breathes… as she can. At home, the 34-year-old beauty takes care of her two sons, whom she had with two different partners: Gianni, 8, the fruit of her past relationship with footballer Aurélien Capoue, and Andrea, the youngest. , 2 years old, whom she welcomed with her current companion Valentin Léonard. If she comes out of it as a chef, considering expanding the family a little more does not seem to be on the program for the time being.

I am already at the end of my life!

I already have my head under water, I’m already at the end of my lifeshe explains to Pure people. There, if I have a third child, what will I do? Later, at 40, maybe…“No pressure for Rachel Legrain-Trapani who, moreover, did not completely love being pregnant – although she is the happiest in the world with Gianni and Andrea. Her first pregnancy was complicated, was accompanied of a significant weight gain of 30kg and had ended up in the emergency room.The medical aspect is, of course, not the only thing that could have disturbed our former Miss France 2007 when she was carrying life.

That’s what bothered me

In love with(…)

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