The government site Rappel Conso has just launched a product recall alert targeting minced steaks sold everywhere in France. He therefore advises not to consume these products. Here is the useful information concerning this product deemed unfit for consumption.

Product recall, ground beef recalled

France has been hit by many food-related problems since the beginning of the year. There is either inflation and the rise in the price of food products, or the various products recalled. For memory, thehe food scandal started with Buitoni pizzas, Kinder chocolates and even sausages. Since then, the French government has put forward a tool to warn consumers about the products they place in their shopping carts.

Recently, the official government website has launched a new recall procedure for minced steaks sold throughout France. This is a batch of 15% fat pure beef halal minced steaks sold at Carrefour since October 5, 2022.

The reasons for this recall

Carrefour sensation’s 15% fat pure beef halal minced steaks are being recalled due to a packaging error.

The reasons for this recall can be found on the government website Rappel Conso. Moreover, all information concerning products unsuitable for consumption is visible on this site. Thus, it is recommended that all French people visit this site from time to time. This makes it possible not to consume products that are dangerous to health.

Regarding the product recall for ground beef, the site sets the end date of the recall procedure to Wednesday, November 30.

The right things to do if you have this product at home

Whether it’s for Carrefour’s halal pure beef 15% fat hamburgers or other products that have been singled out by a recall, you are strongly advised not to eat these recalled products.

You can then return the product concerned to the store.. In this case, you can avoid health concerns, but you will also get a refund. The Carrefour consumer service will also be available if you want more information.

Indeed, this customer service can be reached from Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.