Pogba case: “Paul is starting to recover little by little psychologically”, according to the player’s mother

Interviewed by TF1 as part of the program seven to eight, Yeo Moriba, the mother of Paul Pogba, returned to the case of extortion in an organized gang of which the French international environment was the victim.

Paul begins to recover little by little psychologically. This affair tormented him. He didn’t tell us right away that he had been kidnapped. Nobody knew, his brothers didn’t know either “, she assured.

“Mathias was manipulated, threatened… I’m worried about him”

She also defended Mathias Pogba, who is one of the suspects: “ He acted under threat, he’s not like that, I know him, I can swear. Before leaving for Guinea, I spoke with him once. I told him he shouldn’t do the videos, but I felt he was taken aback. Mathias is nice. For me, my two sons are victims and that torments me. Mathias was manipulated, threatened… I’m worried about him, he’s my son, he doesn’t know banditry. »


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