photos in a micro bikini to take on your “changing” body

Nabilla, +12 kilos: photos in micro bikini to assume her body

Nabilla, +12 kilos: photos in micro bikini to assume her “changing” body – BestImage, Cyril Moreau

On June 5, Nabilla had the great pleasure of giving birth to her second child. It was another little boy who showed up in Paris that day, called Leyann, who arrived almost three years after his eldest, Milann. As soon as her delivery was over, the superstar with millions of subscribers then resumed her habit of sharing everything on social networks. She wasted no time in officially presenting her baby and regularly revealed intimate moments with her family. But, the subject that was of particular interest was his weight loss. Because less than a month after giving birth, she was already proudly resting in her underwear, without worrying about her little complexes.

I am gradually finding my figure. I’m not in a hurry unlike my first pregnancy, I’m taking my time, I feel good and maybe I won’t have my old body completely like before, but I don’t care! I love my little stretch marks, I love my cellulite and I’m proud to have given life to two magnificent boys who fill me with happiness! Moms you are beautiful, incredibly beautiful, be proud“, she launched, advocating self-acceptance.

The body changes and I love it even more

A speech that echoes his last statements. Indeed, Thursday, November 17, the beautiful brunette took to her Instagram account to give…

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