Philippe Etchebest does not like being challenged in the street and justifies himself: “It’s in my temperament”

This Tuesday, January 17, 2023 in As an aside on Canal+, journalist Nathalie Lévy received Philippe Etchebest. The one who is rare outside of his broadcasts on M6 notably confided in his complicated relationship with notoriety. As popular for his restaurants (Maison Nouvelle and Quatrième Mur in Bordeaux, editor’s note) as for his TV programs, the chef still can’t get used to the consequences of his great celebrity in his daily life.

Indeed, Philippe Etchebest confessed in As an asidestill” carry “a cap” when he leaves home. “That is true. I believe that we are not conditioned to be challenged, recognized in the street. Some like it more than others. It’s not what I like. I learned to walk fast, look downdo not make eye contact with people“, explained the juror of Top chef who had a worrying poisoning this summer.

The one who is also a hit on YouTube with his cooking video channel added that he couldn’t do anything about it: it’s in his nature! “I don’t feel comfortable with that. I like to have my privacy. It’s in my temperament. I like to be alone too sometimes“, concluded Philippe Etchebest, in complete transparency.

Hugo Mallais


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