Omar Da Fonseca, the terrible announcement

Omar Da Fonseca seems to be convinced: his career as a consultant is coming to an end and the World Cup in Qatar could be his last.

A few days before the start of the Qatari World Cup, Omar Da Fonseca is impatient. For the beIN Sports consultant, the World Cup is indeed the pinnacle. “I have a lot of desire! It won’t just be about the game and what’s happening on the pitch. In this World Cup, we will be very privileged, he told Pure Media, adding: “For us, it is also a great moment in our existence, a great moment in our profession. There is an energy that is created. People will come with this feeling of belonging to a nation. In a World Cup, there is always music, color, people who dress up… Me, I want to highlight once again the fact that sport and football convey festive values.

My life, it’s already at the end

And the truculent Argentinian is all the more impatient that at 63, he fears to live his last World Cup. “I am an old gentleman. I don’t know if I’ll be there for the next edition. I might not feel like climbing stairs or walking anymore. I will start to be patched up a bit everywhere,” he explained.

The former PSG striker, who has been lending his voice to the FIFA game since this year, does indeed seem to feel the end approaching. “My life is already at the end. (laughs) In three to four years, I’m going to be sidelined! I am the oldest of the consultants and journalists. I think I’m old. I don’t wonder too much. My future is behind mehe insisted, adding: “When I stop this activity, I will take care of my children. I will be old. That’s why I don’t have any restraint as a consultant. » A lack of restraint that makes the happiness of many viewers. Omar da Fonseca was also recently named the favorite consultant of football fans.

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