Offended by the quality of her in-laws’ meals, she leaves her boyfriend

Outraged by the quality of the meals served by her in-laws, this young Chinese woman did not hesitate to break up with her boyfriend.

The story dates back to early January. A 20-year-old woman from Sichuan, China, met his in-laws for the first time. As she tells South China Morning Postshe was “excited and worried”. After two and a half hours of travel, the latter however fell from above when she discovered what she was going to eat. When he arrived, his in-laws had prepared very simple meals for him. On the menu ? A bowl of noodles with fried eggs, pumpkin porridge, fried vegetables and dishes assorted cold. Meals that were too frugal and not refined enough for her taste.

Very annoyed by the situation, the Chinese quickly confronted her boyfriend. “He told me that was exactly what ordinary mortals ate. He knows I don’t like noodles but there were noodles at every meal.” she told the newspaper. After two days, the young woman decided to pack up. In the aftermath, she also broke up with her boyfriend. A misadventure that she did not hesitate to share on the social network Weibo. If we are to believe the details of the daily, its publication has gone viral. She collected over 7 million views and received 4,300 comments.

Simple meals to get a message across?

Against all odds, many Internet users supported the young woman’s decision to separate from her companion. For them, the message was clear: his in-laws did not like him and clearly lack of respect. “She should be grateful to know the truth before she got married. This family would not have treated her well”, “Apparently the parents did not like this woman” we could read under his post. Others have rather critical her attitude: “Looks like she was spoiled rotten. He escaped the worst with her. Maybe her mother-in-law already had doubts about her and wanted to test her, she failed. »

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