no more LFI guests until “new order”, slice Cyril Hanouna

published on Sunday, November 20, 2022 at 10:05 am

On November 10, Cyril Hanouna had showered insults on the young deputy Louis Boyard, who had just accused the billionaire Vincent Bolloré, owner of the Canal+ group of “impoverishing Africa”.

The tension does not fall between Cyril Hanouna and the Insoumis, who will no longer be invited to his show Touche pas à mon poste “until further notice”, announced the host of C8 on Friday November 18.

The star host reacted to a video by Jean-Luc Mélenchon on the altercation in full broadcast between Cyril Hanouna and the deputy LFI Louis Boyard. “We are not your friends, and we will never be, explained the former presidential candidate.

We go wherever we can carry our word.”

“He didn’t say he wasn’t coming to our house anymore. But to come to someone’s house, you have to be invited, replied the TV host. For the moment, it is myself who say it, LFI, until further notice, they are no longer invited to the set. That way it’s clear.”

“Stupid”, “tocard”, “jester”, “you’re a shit”: on November 10, he had showered insults on the young deputy Louis Boyard who had just accused the “five richest people” in France of “impoverishing Africa”, including the billionaire Vincent Bolloré, owner of the Canal + group and close to Cyril Hanouna.

A week after this projection, Arcom announced on Thursday that it was studying the possibility of a sanction procedure by transmitting this new case to an independent rapporteur, a member of the Council of State.

Expert in lucrative clashes in audiences, Cyril Hanouna has already earned his channel numerous warnings and sanctions, including the heaviest ever pronounced against a channel, a fine of 3 million euros for a hoax deemed homophobic broadcast in another show by Cyril Hanouna in May 2017. This same hoax had led to an unprecedented deluge of complaints to the regulator, which had suddenly recorded a record number of reports in 2017.

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