No BCLK overclocking for non-K Intel Core Raptor Lake?

Apparently Intel didn’t make the same blunder twice by releasing microcode allowing overclocking of non-K chips. So the MSI B660M Mortar Max motherboard can still OC the Core i7-12700, but not the Core i7-13700.

The non-K Raptor Lake processors will not be overclockable. This sentence may come as a surprise, since it is Intel’s official position. However, the previous generation in LGA-1700 socket, Alder Lake, allowed, in fact, the overclocking of non-K chips. During the development cycle, Intel had inadvertently given microcode to OEMs allowing this; the company did not make this blunder a second time.

Image 1: No BCLK overclocking for non-K Intel Core Raptor Lake?
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For Alder Lake, despite opposition from Intel, which of course disabled this feature in final firmware releases, some motherboard manufacturers continued to offer BIOSes based on the older firmware, which therefore made it possible to overlock non-K processors, including on B660 motherboards.

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The “No K OC” parameter disappears

Paul Alcorn of Tom’s Hardware US reports that this overclocking is, for the moment, no longer possible with 13th generation Cores. As shown in the screenshots below, with the Core i7-12700, the MSI B660M Mortar Max motherboard still offers the “No K OC” setting; this option disappears with the Core i7-13700.

Image 2: No BCLK overclocking for non-K Intel Core Raptor Lake?
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Our colleague summarizes things simply: with Raptor Lake, Intel did not make the same mistake by publishing a micro-code unlocking this functionality.

If for the moment, the overclocking of 13th generation non-K Cores is not allowed, it is not excluded that the manufacturers of motherboards end up finding a parade. Besides Alder Lake, they had already done Skylake in 2016. Also, the imbroglio surrounding AVX-512 support, which Intel finally had to deactivate at the silicon level in the face of the disobedience of motherboard manufacturers, showed that they would exploit the slightest flaw. So overclocking non-K Raptor Lake CPUs may end up coming back no other way.

Finally, remember that at AMD, the company authorizes the overclocking of all its Ryzen processors.

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Source : Tom’s Hardware USA

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