Nikos Aliagas reveals more about his leg injury

Nikos Aliagas gave details to “Télé Star” about his leg injury.

On November 16, 2022, Nikos Aliagas announced that he had “a bad fall” on the “Star Academy” bonus, preventing him from presenting the NRJ Music Awards in Cannes this Friday. “Looking forward to seeing you live on TF1 on Saturday for the Starac semi-final!” he wrote on Twitter. Camille Combal had therefore landed on the Croisette in disaster, called two days before the “show” by the production. “It takes a lot of courage to run this program off the cuff,” confided to us the coordinator of the NRJ Music Awards, Jacques Grimal.

The host poured out his injury in “TV Star“. “I was afraid. I tore my wing, split my foot, but show must go on,” he said. “At the pub they turned off the lights and I thought I was going hard, but I fell and the other leg flipped over,” added Nikos Aliagas.

What’s next after this ad

What’s next after this ad

Professional through and through, he had ensured the presentation of the bonus until the end. “Everything is fine, we all have sores but we should not complain. You have to be careful, you can fall and not come back,” the host of “50 Minutes Inside” told the weekly.

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