NEWS AT NOON. Fear of the fuel shortage, Haouas trial in Montpellier, return of the cold… the facts to remember

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news of the day

Fear of scarcity. This Friday morning, at the microphone of France Info, it was Agnès Pannier-Runacher, the Minister for Energy Transition, who tried to reassure the population, while CGT Petroleum calls for several days of strike on January 19 and 26 as well as February 6 to oppose the government’s plan and, “if necessary, to stop” refining.

Clearly, the specter of a new episode of shortage at the pump, of which the French have very bad memories, when, last fall, the country’s refineries were blocked by protesters demanding pay rises, planne.

A scenario that in any case dismisses for the moment Agnès Pannier-Runacher, who recalled that “there is no refinery on strike” and that the French must not rush to service stations, under penalty of causing the dreaded shortage themselves.

And also…

Trial of Mohamed Haouas. The right pillar of the MHR and the France team was to be tried this Friday in Montpellier for violence committed on January 1, 2014. But in particular for lack of his presence at the hearing, the trial was postponed to May. This absence was not to the liking of the prosecutor: “Rugbyman or mason, we answer for our actions”, he launched.

Drama in Paris. A three-year-old girl was discovered by her father and one of the siblings on Thursday January 12. She was in the house washing machine. In serious condition, she died shortly after.

Return of the cold, do not panic. The weather begins to change this Sunday, January 15. A depression will bring cold air, rain and wind early next week. On Twitter, many accounts share alarmist models, here’s what to understand.

Practical information

Friday 13. There are two Friday the 13ths in 2023. After this Friday, January 13, we will have to wait until October to fall back on this date, synonymous with luck for many French people, but which, according to certain superstitions, can also bring bad luck. We take stock.

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