New rise in prices at the pump, the threshold of two euros per liter will soon be reached

Last week, the prices of the different fuels increased again to approach the bar of 2 euros per liter according to the figures communicated Monday by the government.

In French service stations, diesel sold at an average price of 1.9162 euros per liter, or 3.16 cents more than the previous week, according to figures from the Ministry of Energy Transition arrested on Friday and published on Monday.

Prices have been on the rise since January

Unleaded 95 petrol increased by 4.36 cents, for an average posted price of 1.9008 euros, and SP95-E10 was up by 3.83 cents, sold at an average national price of 1.8748 euros per liter.

Prices at the pump have risen sharply since January, with the end of the state-funded discount. This cost 8 billion euros last year. An indemnity of 100 euros replaces it, that the motorists concerned – it is according to their income – can request since January 16 on the tax site. They must apply for it before February 28. The aid is paid in one go, for 2023, for those who use their vehicle to go to work.

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