Netflix sees red and does not intend to let go of the Sussexes anytime soon

  • Prince Harry’s memoir released on January 10, 2023

  • Prince Harry makes a lot of very personal revelations there

  • Netflix wants him to continue revealing his intimacy in a new documentary

The fallout from publications of Prince Harry’s memoir titled The Substitute (Spare) continue to be felt, and not only on the side of the royal family. As revealed by Sunthe pundits of Netflix were surprised to see that Prince Harry was ready to reveal as much detail about his private life and intimacyand found that in comparison to the Harry & Meghan documentary recently aired on Netflix, the revelations were much more numerous and crisp. A consultant who works with Netflix explained: “Netflix has had very good ratings and now they crave it. They don’t take tweezes with Harry anymore and Netflix thinks they are in a very good position to ask for a new project”.

What project would it be? Simply toa kind of documentary which would follow, once again, the lives of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, reality tv style this time. “The repercussions of the Harry and Meghan memoir are going to be fascinating for viewers. We know the couple are filming all the time, so there’s always a big treasure to dig up, and it could make for an explosive production.” However, there would be a very specific condition to (…)


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