Netflix launches a new, smoother interface on iOS, guaranteed effects

Netflix launches a new, smoother interface on iOS, guaranteed effects

Netflix assures it, the new version of its application on iOS is more fluid and polished.

In development since last year, a new interface is coming to Netflix in its iOS version. A 15.14 update was deployed this Monday, January 16, bringing new, smoother animations at launch, haptic feedback during navigation, but also parallax effects to move elements when the user moves their smartphone.

In fact, when you now open the Netflix application on your iPhone, you will see a poster promoting an available film or series, which will move according to your movements using the accelerometer of the iPhone, all with a subtle lighting effect.

While this will be seen as an afterthought for some, this redesign makes it even easier to filter content by category, and switch between profiles, as well as use search, no matter what part of the application you are using. browse.

When you tap on a movie or show, its cover art expands to show all the details about it. The Coming Soon tab has also been redesigned and is now called “What’s New”, so it also displays recommended content for the user. A new transition on the content sheets is also appearing, making it easier to switch from one to the other with a simple “swipe”.

One of the developers of this new interface, Janum Trivedi, shared a video on Twitter detailing the new features of the application.

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