Montceau-les-Mines: concert at the Pier

This Friday evening, the Embarcadère displayed “SOLD OUT” for the unplugged concert by Hubert-Félix Thiéfaine

A timeless artist, outside the boxes and the nails, an atypical representative of rock song in France, Hubert-Félix Thiéfaine has embarked on an ambitious project: 2 years, 2 tours, 2 different formulas.

In 2022: acoustic and small hall tour (Unplugged…) In 2023: electric tour (…Replugged)

Some compare him to Iggy Pop, others talk about his writing à la Léo Férré, but for fans, Hubert Félix Thiéfaine is simply Thiéfaine, self-sufficient, who for 40 years has accompanied our lives. , our desires, our accidents of life, our great moments of solitude, our joys and occasioned beautiful encounters.

Thiefaine in concert, unplugged, replugged or un-re-plugged, in short live, it’s always an incredible moment, worthy of the greats.

The artist is still very present, even if it seemed this Friday evening, struggling with some viruses…

It is 8:40 p.m., when the black silhouette of the artist enters the stage of the Embarcadère, greeted by a nice round of applause. Accompanied by four musicians, the ship is launched, the music and the “thiefainian” texts invade the room. The observation is quick: the musicians who accompany Thiéfaine are downright high level: Lucas Thiéfaine, on drums, guitar and bass, Christopher Board on keyboards, Jean-François Assy on cello and bass and Frédéric Gastard on saxophone.

The set-list offers the opportunity to revisit titles from several eras, almost timeless, and the artist’s flagship albums: Valse Noire (Fragments d’hébétude 1993), Lorelei Sebasto Cha, Les dingues et les paumés (Soleil seeks future 1982), I leave it to the wind, the joint cutter’s daughter (… any living body connected to the mains being called upon to be moved… in 1978), Pulque, Mezcal y Tequila ( Eros über alles in 1988), Demain les kids (Chroniques bluesymentales 1990), Ballade Abdalla Géronimo Cohen (Le Bonheur de la temptation in 1998), Early morning 4.10 summer hour (Supplements of lies in 2011), La queue (authorization to delirious in 1979), …)

Classics, lesser-known titles if we can say so, and also several pieces from the latest album, “Géographie du vide”: “La fin du roman”, “Fotheringhay”, “Page Noire”, “elle danse”.

Great and beautiful moments, the room sings together a good number of songs, in a quiet atmosphere and we realize over the songs that the inspiration is far from being dried up, for our greatest future pleasure!

And then, at the time of the encore, after “the tail”, rather rocknrolesque, “the first chords of “the daughter of the joint cutter” made the room rise, which gave voice.

Can’t wait for the replugged tour in 2023!

JL Pradines

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