Messi shares his surprise World Cup favorites

Argentina has a double objective during this World Cup: To win a 3rd coronation (after 1978 and 1986) but also to win Messi his first world cup so that he will definitely enter the legend of football.

After a delicate first season at PSG, the “Pulga” achieves a very high level 2022/2023 financial year with 12 goals scored and 14 assists delivered in just 19 matches. Leo Messi has made an impression in recent months with, among other things, his scissor turned against Clermontthe collective earth festival ajaccian or even his exceptional roll against the Benfica Lisbon in the Champions League. The 35-year-old was questioned by the media Movistar a few days before the start of the World Cup and evokes the threat posed by the French team of Kylian Mbappe or Brazil Neymar in the final coronation.

“I think France, even though they have had injured players, have terrible potential. They have a lot of players and a coach who has been in the same group for a long time. They have already won a World Cup. Brazil have a block of quality players and a lot of players to create the imbalance. They have a nine, they have Ney… It’s hard to win. »

Messi benefits in ‘different way’

The future of the Paris Saint-Germain striker, who is out of contract in June 2023, also remains a hot topic. While he won’t make a decision until the middle of next year, number 30 Rouge & Bleu would have the option of extend in the French capitalreturn to FC Barcelona or else to leave the European continent to discover the MLS with InterMiami. In any case, the player confides that with advancing age, he benefits differently from his presence on the pitch.

“I learned to appreciate things in a different way. Due to my age and the fact that there is less and less to do before it all ends. Today, I appreciate everything much more, day to day at the club and in the national team. There is a very nice group since the Copa America in Brazil. Winning makes everything much easier afterwards, more natural. Today, I think people don’t just measure by winning or losing. And that’s important. It changed my mind a bit.. »

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