Mercato: No contact with PSG and a waiting position for Inter with Skriniar

While an agreement has been announced between PSG and Milan Skriniar regarding a future contract, the possible arrival of the Slovak central defender in Paris this winter remains uncertain. In Italy, the press claims that PSG has not contacted Inter Milan for a transfer this winter, but assures that the Milanese club could give in if an interesting offer arrives.

The agreement announced by L’Equipe between PSG and Skriniar concerning a future contract has caused a strong reaction in Italy, the country where the Slovak central defender has been playing since 2016 (Sampdoria then Inter since 2017). The non-renewal of his contract with Inter Milan is one of the themes of the season and the Milanese club seems to have given up on this point, not being able to offer more than 6M€ per year when Skriniar would like around 8. A distance which is today too important and seems today to destine Skriniar to a departure in the future.

According to Di Marzio, however, the Slovak has not signed anything with PSG, which L’Equipe also wrote, speaking of an oral agreement, but the unknown remains the possible date of Skriniar’s arrival in Paris. According to all of the Italian press, the Parisian club has not contacted Inter Milan regarding a transfer by the end of the transfer window. The central defender being out of contract on June 30, Paris does not have to contact the Italian club if it wishes to sign Skriniar at the end of the season.

Inter ready to keep Skriniar until June unless there is a good offer

But the idea of ​​bringing the player by the end of the winter transfer window being present, this lack of contact since last summer between PSG and Inter does not go in the direction of a transfer during the last ten days of the winter transfer window. Inter side, the position of the club is revealed by the Italian press and we want to keep the player until June, at least in theory. In practice and as often, an offer of an amount that corresponds to the market value of the player could push the club to sell.

While the French press of the day evokes a possible Parisian offer which would be between 10 and 15M€, the Italian media filter that a proposal around 20M€ could make the Lombard club give up. Unlike last summer when Inter wanted 70M€ when PSG never went above 50M€, the positions are not so far apart between the two clubs even if the means available on the Parisian side are meager and possibly allocated to the attack.

Today and as written by the Italian media Sky, the only certainty seems to be the will of the player, namely to continue his career in Paris in the short or medium term.

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