Marchand and Ollivon at the top, Ntamack in the hard: the notes of the Blues

Colossal with the ball in hand and present on the ground, Julien Marchand was stunning when Charles Ollivon, author of a try and excellent in touch, was also at his best level. On the other hand, the match was undoubtedly more painful for Romain Ntamack…

Reda Wardi: 6/10

Wardi is the good surprise of this tour! Already very good against the Springboks last Saturday, the Rochelais pillar once again scored points on Sunday afternoon in Toulouse. Very present in support, strong in closed scrum and effective in defense, he was just sanctioned with a penalty for illicit support, in the first period. He was replaced on the hour mark by Dany Priso, his former teammate at La Rochelle. But for his second cap, Reda Wardi proved that he was able to shake up the hierarchy as the left pillar and, why not, worry Jean-Baptite Gros, Cyril Baille’s dolphin in this position.

Julien Marchand: 8.5/10

What health, Julien Marchand! He was already, after having marked the Japanese defense with a hot iron, at the origin of the first test of the match flattened by Damian Penaud. Shortly after, he scratched a first ball on the ground, then a second at the end of the first period and never stopped advancing the Blues with good charges near the regroupings. The most prominent Habs of this match, rightly considered the best hooker on the planet, was replaced at the end of the match by Peato Mauvaka, who was not unworthy.

XV of France - Julien Marchand against Japan.

XV of France – Julien Marchand against Japan.
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Uini Atonio: 7/10

It was, hands down, his best match for the Blues since the start of the November tour. Very good in closed scrum, an area of ​​play where he took advantage behind him of the power of the “great Tao” and where he put his opposite Inagaki to the torture, he also put himself in the spotlight with good charges flush with the rucks and , as surprising as it is, by a pass on a step which almost provoked a magnificent counter-attack. He was replaced in the 50th minute by Sipili Falatea, who was rather active with the ball in hand.

Cameron Woki: 5/10

Cameron Woki finds, little by little, his best level. As was the case last Saturday in Marseille against the Springboks, Racingman Cameron Woki was the most targeted forward in touch, where he seized five balls at the start of the line-up. More active with the ball in hand than he was in the first two games of the autumn tour, he nevertheless made a rough forward near the Japanese in-goal, at the end of the first period. But overall, the copy was clean. Woki was replaced at the end of the match by Florian Verhaeghe, who celebrated his first cap well, cutting out the former Clermontois Matsushima, for example.

Romain Taofifenua: 4/10

The great “Tao” was on an alternative smile in Toulouse. On the opening breakthrough of Kazuki Himeno flush with the regrouping, he was not vigilant enough and then left the door open to the Japanese flanker, who then broke through for a good twenty meters. On winger Saito’s try in the second half, he was also too short to defend low and was, shortly after, penalized for illegal support. Despite everything, his power in closed scrum allowed the Blues to advance in this sector of play and in Toulouse, the great “Tao” proving here that he formed with Uini Atonio a particularly deadly right axis. He was replaced shortly before the hour mark by Bastien Chalureau, who energized the French forwards, ball in hand as if supporting his attackers. Chalureau? The other good surprise of this tour!

Anthony Jelonch: 6/10

The Toulousain, elected man of the match during the last shock of Marseille, was a little more discreet this time. In the first period, he was present in support but somewhat clumsy with the ball in hand. In the second half, he undoubtedly revved up and cut out the Japanese flanker Labuschagne, for example, before scoring a good try, in support of Damian Penaud.

Charles Ollivon: 8/10

So long injured in the knee, the great Charles is now back at his best! Well used in touch, where he took the trifle of four balls on his throws and two on opposing engagement, Charles Ollivon, who celebrated his fifteenth captaincy last Saturday, was above all omnipresent in support of his attackers. In the 36th minute, he was able to flatten the second try of the Habs after being served, inside, by his old friend Maxime Lucu, also from the club of Saint-Pée ​​sur Nivelle, in the Basque Country. Big, good, beautiful Ollivon!

Gregory Alldritt: 6/10

A clean game. In the first period, the number 8 of the Stade Rochelais set fire to the Stadium of Toulouse by a breakthrough of forty meters which unfortunately did not succeed. In the second act, he signaled himself once again with a substantially similar breakthrough. But he was also sanctioned on the hour mark for a year-before resumed in front which resulted in the second try of the Japanese, this time flattened by the winger Fifita. He nevertheless caught up on Anthony Jelonch’s try after taking over from Mathieu Jalibert’s kick to follow and a little later by scratching an important ball.

Maxime Lucu 5.5/10

He alternated the good and the bad in the first period in difficult conditions. A good inspiration in the closed side after a muddled touch which led to the test of Charles Ollivon (36e) and generally a lot of presence around the combat areas on the ground. But he was also countered on a kick behind a ruck (5e), kicked a little too long behind ruck (24e) and did not ensure the continuity of the game due to a bad transmission which annihilated a long breakthrough of 60 meters from Alldritt (18e). In the second period, he again missed a kicking game, directly on a dead ball (47e). Replaced by Couilloud (70e)

XV of France - Maxime Lucu.

XV of France – Maxime Lucu.
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Romain Ntamack 3/10

With the exception of his excellent skimming game on Damian Penaud’s try, he missed his first half. A bad choice (20e) relaunch in the closed which led to a loss of ball and a Japanese penalty following (21e), a return totally directly to a dead ball (22e) and a forward on a high ball (32e). The following ? Nothing much better. To top it off, he was hit in the nose and was replaced by Matthieu Jalibert (57e) who was decisive on Penaud’s tries (62nd) and on Danty’s, finally refused the video (66the).

Yoram Moefana 4.5/10

From the quarter of the game, he switched to the center due to the injury of Gaël Fickou. A discreet first period. He was caught inside by the three-quarter center Nakato on the first Japanese try (43e). In defense, he did not give many guarantees: five tackles including three misses. Little offensive contribution as well. Not really his best game in blue.

Jonathan Danty 7/10

As often, it was used as the first point of attachment. A register in which he often allowed to play in the advance. A good charge at the start of the game which set the tone for his match (12e). He also knew how to play this ball perfectly on the sidelines to offer Jelonch the last French try (74th). At his debit, he was sanctioned for poor offensive support on the ground on Moefana.

XV of France - Jonathan Danty against Japan.

XV of France – Jonathan Danty against Japan.
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Gael Fickou (Not rated)

He is behind the first try of the Blues thanks to a very good defensive climb. Alas, he was injured on this action. He tried to hold on for a few minutes but had to give way to Sekou Macalou (16e) (Rating: 6.5/10). The latter read the defensive situations rather well. In attack, he could probably have done without this kicking game to follow (35e), not really effective. But he was perfectly able to play the excess for Penaud’s second try (62nd), with a nice fake pass in passing and applied himself in defense. Six tackles for 100% success.

Damian Penaud 7.5/10

With two tries scored, he was an important player in the French victory. He also touched a lot of balls during this meeting. Maybe he could have played with longer cleats because he often slipped. Shame. But he was dangerous on each of his interventions. To his credit: a clear crossing, two defenders beaten and an “off-load”. In short, a match in line with his first two performances in this tour.

Thomas Ramos 8/10

He was very good under the high Japanese balls, constantly reassuring his partners. He also managed to play his team in the advance with a clear crossing, five defenders beaten and three “off-load”. Also a very good out of order raise around 55e minute of the meeting. At the foot, he was very fair, like this low kick to find a touch in the Japanese 22 meters. Facing the poles, he only missed the transformation of the first try (8e). fifteen points scored in total.

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