Marc Lavoine, “raised like a girl”: “My mother called me Brigitte”

PARIS, FRANCE - MAY 30: Singer Marc Lavoine poses during a portrait session on May 30,2022 in Paris, France.  (Photo by Eric Fougere/Corbis via Getty Images)

Marc Lavoine, “raised like a girl”: “My mother called me Brigitte”. (Photo by Eric Fougere/Corbis via Getty Images)

Still showing in the “I3P” series this Thursday, November 17, 2022, Marc Lavoine continues to seduce the public as an actor. The artist, mainly known for his music, has always been able to move with the sweetness and tenderness of his texts. Emotions that he perhaps draws from his youth, which was very different from that of other children.

At 60, Marc Lavoine no longer has anything to prove to anyone in terms of music. He has unveiled many hit albums and cult songs, proven himself as coach in “The Voice”, and even turned to the world of the small screen by joining the cast of “I3P”, the new series from TF1. Currently on tour, he takes advantage of every respite to spend time with his family, even if he admits it with some regret: he has not always been very present for his children. But he himself had a childhood to say the least… Strange.

Video. Minute by Marc Lavoine

A singer against social norms

During his passage on European 1 in February 2022, Marc Lavoine made some revelations about his youth and his childhood, and confides: “I have never been in the right box, I have always been a little off the mark. And that suits me very good, because I can sing with Hervé Villard who is my friend, with Krisy who is a friend who raps, and with Catherine Ringer. I like this freedom.”

Not in the boxes? It is a reality that he has known since his early childhood since he says to everyone’s surprise: “I am a girl: i was raised as a girl by my mother, who called me Brigitte and left my hair long. I had to show my sex to people to prove to them that I was a boy!” It must be said that her mother was convinced that she was going to give birth to a girl, and that she was not ready for a little boy.” Everyone took me for a girl and I was raised with women, so I have a different approach to things. So I was a little mistreated by those who had the power to fit in the right box.”

A feminist education he values

The fact of having been raised by women, almost like a woman, gave Marc Lavoine a vision of the world different from what we are used to. He explained it in 2016 to Nikos Aliagas in the program “50 Minutes Inside”: “It’s very difficult to be a woman. 54% of the population are women, yet they are treated as a minority, and they are mistreated. Being a working woman is complicated (…) yet women have done immense things for our country.”

Three years later, he explained to Tele-Leisure that an old cult sequence of “Taratata”, dating from 1993 and during which young women had stripped naked to show the lyrics of the song “J’aime les filles”, would no longer be acceptable on television today: “And I understand it. Because it’s fed up. It’s fed up with bullshit jokes, sexist stuff. It’s fed up with women being paid less than men”, it was- he annoyed before concluding: “The woman is the most discriminated against person in the world, that’s a certainty.”

Video. Marc Lavoine: the singer confides in his playground loves

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