Lorie reveals that she was offered to return to Dancing with the Stars for her ex, Billy Crawford, she explains her refusal, and the singer reacts!

After ten weeks of competition, TF1 broadcast the final of Dance with the stars Friday, November 11. For this occasion, most of the participants who were previously eliminated from the adventure made their comeback on the floor to support the three finalists: Billy Crawford, Carla Lazzari and Stephane Legar. After an intense finale marked by the (false) capillary metamorphosis of Miss France 2021, Amandine Petitand by a clash between Chris Marques and David Douillet, Billy Crawford and Fauve Hautot have been sacred big winners of this twelfth edition of Dance with the stars to the detriment of the tandem Carla Lazzari and Paul Mauduy. Very moved, the 40-year-old singer immediately dedicated his victory to his wife Coleen Garciawho later congratulated him on Instagram.

Billy Crawford celebrates his DALS win

Fauve Hautot’s partner also reacted immediately after his victory in the columns of Parisian. “When I saw Fauve crying, I didn’t understand if it was sadness, because we had lost, or joy, because we had won. I didn’t understand anything because I had so scared. But then everyone came after me, and that’s when I realized,” he told the daily. And to add: “I still feel pain all over my body, shoulders, back… It hurts so bad everywhere… but I won! I no longer have a back, but I won the trophy.” In a live on Youtube, Lorie, who lived a romance with the Filipino singerunveiled a funny request from the production of DALS for this season.

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“I found it a bit inflated anyway”

There was a test where the dancers had to dance with masked people, we couldn’t see who it was, and everyone thought it was me dancing with Billy. It was not me, but on the other hand the production had asked me to come and dance (…) Anyway, I found it a bit bloated though because good… That’s what“, said the one who has just shot an episode of Leo Mattei for TF1. If Laure Pester, her real name, gives the impression of having definitively turned the page on her love affair with Billy Crawford, the same is true for the latter, who reacted to TV Star to her ex’s decision to refuse to come dance with her. “It’s not mine… Everyone has their own life now and it’s been more than twenty years since we’ve seen or talked to each other. I focused on my work, my craft, my life ever since. She has a family, I have mine and If we broke up it’s not for nothing”dropped the interpreter of Trackin’. Vibe.

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The footage is 14 minutes from the start of the video below.

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