Loana in difficulty: “I am homeless”

Invited on the set of ‘TPMP People’, the ex-lofteuse Loana made new confidences that were not very reassuring about her current situation.

A few days ago, Loana was talking about her situation in the columns of Public magazine. She took stock of her job, explaining that “it was difficult to be an artist because concerts are rare, as are entertainment programs”. She explained that she was on RSA (Active Solidarity Income of approximately €599 per month) and specified that she made some dedications on the Vidoleo sitebut it brought him little money.

I make some dedications on the Vidoleo site

With her RSA, she recalled that she also had to take care of her mother: “She only earns 90 euros a week and we will have to leave home after the winter break. I have to place her: I found a seniors’ home for a few months“, revealed Loana on the set of TPMP People. However, a few years ago Loana had sold her Parisian apartment for two million euros and had won a nice sum at the exit of the Loft (M6). A sum that she no longer has, obviously.

People copied my bank cards, I changed bank 4 times

Asked by Matthieu Delormeau worried about where the sale of his apartment had gone, Loana replied: “Everything started from the bank, the money left alone. People copied my bank cards, I changed bank 4 times“, tries to explain Loana.

If someone offers me something, I come back to Paris

At over 45, loana wishes to rebuild everything on sound foundations: “Today, it’s been ten years since I quit drugs and alcohol. I am proud. If someone offers me something, a job, I come back to Paris“, launches the one who currently lives in the south of France.

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