LIVE – Monaco-Ajaccio: With a gala Ben Yedder, the Monegasques correct Ajaccio

It’s over ! AS Monaco corrects Ajaccio (7-1)

There will be no additional time in this game, it’s over at Louis II. Ajaccio fell heavily against a Monaco team who took advantage of the defensive largesse of Pantaloni’s troops (7-1). Triple scorer, Ben Yedder leaves with the match ball!

Embolo completes the success of Monaco!

The nightmare continues for Ajaccio. Another loss of ball in defense, Embolo recovers the ball and comes to crucify a powerless Leroy, who concedes his seventh goal of the evening.

A trotting end to the match

Mass is said to Louis II and Monaco is heading straight for a crushing success against Ajaccio. The end of the match is a reflection of the imbalance between the two teams and the organisms begin to run out.

Bayala collapses, no penalty

The Ajacciens are trying to save their honor. On a good cross from Mangani, Bayala controls his back to the game and collapses in the box. The contact is not considered contentious by the referee, no penalty.

Ajaccio only touched two balls in the Monaco area

Another stat that symbolizes Monaco’s dominance. The Monegasques touched 22 balls in the opposing area, that’s 20 more than Ajaccio (2).

The big opportunity for Embolo!

Diatta wraps a superb center for Embolo, the ball arrives at the feet of the Swiss, alone in front of the goal. However, it is a little too advanced to effectively pick up the leather and push it into the nets. Big opportunity… and she’s still Monegasque.

Boadu and Minamino should also join the party

The Monegasque recital should also be able to benefit Boadu and Minamino. Both players will make their entrance in the next few minutes.

A small change of shirt for Fofana

The temperature is quite good in Monaco but Fofana will switch to long sleeves for the end of the match. Chilly.

Embolo goes there for its purpose!

Barely entered the game, Embolo is already a scorer. On a corner, Diatta volleys around the surface and the Swiss striker deflects the trajectory. It completely deceives the Ajacian defense. 6-1 for Monaco!

A great school action for Monaco

The Monegasques continue to roll out. Vanderson sends a good center for Caio Henrique who tries a nice deflection in heel. It does not pass for the Brazilian who bumps into a vigilant Leroy on the trajectory.

Double change for Monaco

Jakobs and Embolo replace Golovin and Ben Sehir. Philippe Clement is still focused on the attack despite the very advantageous score for Monaco.

The fleeing center of Diatta

The former resident of Bruges continues to stir up the Monegasque attack, sweeping the front from right to left. This time on the left side, the Monegasque winger addresses a fleeing center which comes crashing just behind the goals of Leroy. Warning for Ajaccio.

Ben Seghir scores points

The 17-year-old offensive player performs well in attack. Very mobile, he never hesitates to offer himself between the lines and it pays off.

It starts slowly

The two teams observe each other at the start of the second half. It takes time to recover.

Change on both sides, Belaili leaves his place

Avinel takes the place of Mayembo in defense, Belaili is replaced by Mussiti-Oko for Ajaccio. On the Monegasque side, Matazo took Camara’s place for the second half.

Here we go again !

The game resumed, kicking off this second period at Louis II. We will quickly see if the Ajacciens return with better intentions.

It’s halftime!

The perfect first period for AS Monaco, 5-1 at the break! Ajaccio has completely sunk and Pantaloni’s speech risks being salty in the locker room.

Two minutes of added time

Two more minutes in this first half, the essential is done for Monaco which leaves Ajaccio to play now.

Ajaccio awaits the break

With five goals conceded in this first period, Ajaccio no longer dares to lose the ball and waits for the break. We turn the leather on the side of Pantaloni’s men.

Ben Yedder makes a big leap forward in the scoring charts

After David’s double with Lille, the hat-trick for Ben Yedder. The attackers are having fun this Sunday and the Monegasque striker is now at 11 goals this season in Ligue 1, two small units behind Mbappé (13).

Ben Yedder transforms the penalty and offers himself a hat-trick!

The penalty is transformed into strength by Ben Yedder! Triple for the Monegasque striker who converts the 29th penalty of his career. The walk continues for the Monegasques.

The nightmare continues, penalty for Monaco!

Ajaccio’s defense takes on water. Launched in depth, Diatta overtakes Diallo and is unbalanced behind his back by his opponent. The referee does not flinch and whistles the penalty. What a nightmare for the Corsicans…

Monaco always forward

The Monegasques are full of confidence and seem determined to exploit the flaws in Ajaccio’s defense. On a free kick kicked by Caio Henrique, Leroy imposes himself in the air and will allow his partners to breathe a little bit.

Ben Yedder offers himself a double, the correction continues for Ajaccio!

The Ajaccio defense has not been there since the start of the match. On a vicious ball from Caio Henrique, Ben Yedder crosses a nice shot and deceives Leroy again. Doubled in a few minutes for the Monaco striker, 4-1!

Big shock between Leroy and Ben Yedder

On a good inspiration from Camara, Ben Yedder tries to regain the ball by projecting himself. Leroy comes out in his feet and the two players collide. The Ajaccio goalkeeper remains on the ground but will be able to get up.

Ben Yedder worsens the score for Monaco!

Ben Yedder takes part in the party! On the left side, Chabrolle loses the ball. The Monaco striker grabs it, enters the area and will deceive Leroy with a nice powerful shot. It’s 3-1 for Monaco!

A first card for Camara

A little too rough intervention by Camara on Youssouf. The tackle from the middle of Monaco is sanctioned with a yellow card. This is the first cracker of the game.

Possession largely in favor of Monaco

Good sequence of possession for the Monegasques who confiscate the ball since the reaction of Ajaccio. 72% possession for the Rocher club against 28% for Monaco after 17 minutes of play.

4 shots, 3 goals

Another sign of this exceptional start to the match: 4 shots on target so far, 3 goals. And Monaco goes back on the attack.

Belaili raises Ajaccio, exceptional match!

It was not necessary to arrive late to Ludwig II! The reaction of Ajaccio is not long in coming. Found on the outskirts of the area, Belaili fires a good shot that Nübel can only touch. It ends in the back of the net and it revives Olivier Pantaloni’s men! 2-1!

Diatta doubles the lead for Monaco, Ajaccio sinks!

Ajaccio’s defense is passive. Launched by Ben Yedder, Vanderson addresses a perfect center for Diatta. The former Brugge winger only has to push the ball into the back of the net. Several elements are checked by the VAR, the position of Ben Yedder at the start of the action in particular. It is finally validated, the break is done!

The ideal start for Monaco

Monaco got the game off to a perfect start with this goal from vice world champion Ael Disasi. The Monegasques keep possession of the ball and continue to attack.

Disasi is already opening the scoring for Monaco!

On the first corner of the game for the Monegasques, Maripan rises higher than everyone. His header is stopped by Leroy but Disasi takes the ball back in a fox register from the surfaces. The ASM is already going ahead!

Let’s go !

The kick-off is given to Louis II. It was the players from Ajaccio who kicked off and the ball was returned directly to the Monegasques.

The eleven of Ajaccio also fell

Ajaccio starting XI: Leroy – Youssouf, Mayembo, Gonzalez, Diallo – Vidal, Mangani, Chabrolle, Nouri – Belaïli, Bayala.

The composition of AS Monaco

The Monegasque starting lineup: Nübel – Vanderson, Disasi, Maripan, Henrique – Fofana, Camara – Golovin, Ben Seghir, Diatta – Ben Yedder.

Hello everyone !

Hello everyone, welcome to the RMC Sport live dedicated to the Ligue 1 match between AS Monaco and AC Ajaccio. Before Rennes-PSG this evening (8:45 p.m.), the Monegasques can temporarily take 4th place in the standings.

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