Lily-Rose Depp atomized by a supermodel exasperated by the “daughter of”

"Crying on your father's sofa" : Lily-Rose Depp atomized by a top model exasperated by the "daughter of" - BestImage

“Crying on your father’s sofa”: Lily-Rose Depp atomized by a supermodel exasperated by the “daughter of” – BestImage

Lily-Rose Depp was thought to be adored and admired by all her peers backstage at photo shoots and runway shows. It is not the case at all. One of them is more than annoyed to see the young woman “stealing” castings from others. Her and all the other celebrity kids that everything seems to be smiling at.

At school, we often resent the gifted who have, in addition, the annoying tendency to believe that they have failed all the exams when they get the best grade. The catwalks also have their pet peeves: the daughters and sons of. It’s a fact: having a parent who is very well known in a field, whether it’s cinema, music or modeling, is a major asset in the race for castings and opportunities. It’s not fair but that’s life. This observation, they are many to deplore it, all fields combined. That of modeling for example.

Being in the industry for several years, fighting body and soul to get hired and giving yourself all the means to get there is no longer enough. It would be in any case if a new category of young people had not interfered in this course now worthy of that of a fighter: the children of stars.

We’re not going to beat around the bush and lie to each other. Having famous parents opens a lot of doors. If Deva Cassel and Jenaye Noah have all the qualities to evolve in fashion, the fact of being able to call mom and dad Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel for one and Heather Stewart-Whyte and Yannick Noah for the other is a great advantage, see more. According to other stars of the podium, including the Italian Vittoria Ceretti, this kind of privilege offered by mother nature is starting to hit the competition system.

Settlement time…

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