Laurine kisses Arthur, Jennifer surprises them (Summary ahead of episode 1024)

Un Si Grand Soleil in advance with the detailed summary of episode 1024 of Friday November 25, 2022. In this new episode, Laurine takes malicious pleasure in flirting with Arthur to separate him from Jennifer...


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Un Si Grand Soleil Summary in advance episode 1024 of November 25, 2022

Marion Berthier was taken into custody the day before. She lied to the police many times. In fact, she did not tell the investigators that she had argued with her aunt, that the will of which she was aware designated her as the sole legatee and, above all, she did not tell them that she knew that her aunt had modified it according to her husband. His lawyer is MaƮtre Levars and he pleads his case with Superintendent Becker in the hope of having his custody shortened, but the latter does not want to hear anything..

Overwhelmed by the situation, Laurent Berthier has completely forgotten that he had an appointment with Elisabeth Bastide who has been impatient in his office for half an hour. When he meets her, he confides in her his distress. When Elisabeth learns that Marion is in custody and accused of having killed her aunt, she seems sincerely sorry.

For his part, Guilhem receives a visit from Yann Cross who has come to question him about his wife’s relationship with Marion. He did not know that Sylvie had drawn up a will two years earlier in which she bequeathed all of her fortune to her niece or that she had annulled it to designate him as her sole legatee.

Guilhem goes to Johanna’s office a little later to tell her about the police visit. He knows that if the investigators manage to exonerate Marion, he will become the next suspect. It is for this reason that he asks Johanna if she agrees to be his lawyer. Of course, she accepts and does everything to reassure her uncle, unaware that Elisabeth has made a false testimony to cover him up.

After her day’s work, Elisabeth tells Alain that Marion is in police custody. Even though Berthier hurt her, she is nevertheless relieved that Marion is suspected, because it would mean that Guilhem is innocent, which she never doubted.

At the police station, Yann receives a text message from Johanna who invites him to have a drink tonight, but Yann, who cannot forget his past, lies to him and pretends to have work. For her part, her colleague, Nora, used the CCTV images between Sylvie’s home and that of the Berthiers. She spotted Marion’s car and at the exact time Sylvie Magne died. So she can’t have killed her aunt.


Laurine wants to separate Arthur and Jennifer

Jennifer spent the night with Elisabeth and Alain. In the early morning, she lectures Arthur, who does not clear his plate on the pretext that Caroline, their housekeeper, is going to take care of it. Arthur then proposes to his girlfriend to go to a party at Les Sauvages with Boris and friends. But Jennifer prefers to revise her nursing exam rather than spend time with very rich young people.

At medical school, Arthur questions Boris about Laurine. He tries to find out if she is coming to the party. Arthur tells his friend that they get along well and that there is no ambiguity between them. Boris warns his friend against Laurine because she’s pretty good at making a mess.

At the hospital, Laurine is again scathing with Jennifer who has not washed a patient when she should have done it a quarter of an hour earlier. Jennifer tries to justify herself and explains to the young woman that a caregiver is absent today. But Laurine laments that Jennifer always has a good excuse.

After her day at work, Jennifer finally changes her mind. She sends a text message to Arthur to warn him of her arrival. At the straw hut, Arthur left his phone on a table. Laurine intercepts Jennifer’s message. She invites Arthur to bathe, but he doesn’t have a bathing suit. He waits for her on the beach and gives her her sarong when she gets out of the water. Jennifer arrives at the same time and looks for Arthur. Laurine sees the young woman and kisses Arthur. Surprised, he does not react. Boris attends the scene and he is appalled. Arthur catches up with Jennifer and tries somehow to explain to her that Laurine is a simple friend who threw herself on him, but without success. Jennifer summons Arthur to leave her alone. She never wants to see him again in her life.

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