Laurent Ruquier delighted to no longer be on the air on Saturday evenings, he confides why

Since the start of the school year, Laurent Ruquier is no longer on the air on Saturday evenings to present We are live with Lea Salame. To our colleagues from TV Magazinethe TV host talks about this new life that he greatly appreciates.

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For sixteen years, Laurent Ruquier spent every Saturday evening on the air on France 2 with We are not in bedthen We are live. Already tired by this pace, another factor also called into question his desire to keep this box. In 2021, Léa Salamé joined him to co-host the evening program. A help that he did not really appreciate and which pushed him to take a decision : “I quickly understood that it was very complicated to host a talk show for two“, he confided last June. Since then, the former pair has complicated relationship with the journalist. “I’m not angry with her. But I didn’t understand her saying that I hadn’t called her. Why should I do it? I have no reason“, he explained, almost two months ago.

Laurent Ruquier free on Saturday evening: “It’s a real relief in my personal life

This Tuesday, November 15, Laurent Ruquier confided in our colleagues from TV Magazine on Big heads “not easy to manage”, but also about his new life since he is now free on Saturday evenings. “I take time to rest! Since I let go of the reins ofWe are liveon France 2, it’s a real relief in my personal life, because I recover the weekends, which I had to give up for the last two years“, he says. Therefore, it now allows him to discover new programs on television: “I take the opportunity to watch the opera on France 3“, he confides before adding that he is not interested in What an era!Léa Salamé’s show: I would not be objective.

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At the head of a new program on France 2

This Tuesday evening, the companion of Hugo Manos launches a new format as a bonus on France 2. In Yesterday Today Tomorrowco-produced by Thierry Ardisson, Laurent Ruquier goes back in time. Different social and current topics will be discussed. Then, guests will join him around the table to debate, “compare yesterday to today, and evoke tomorrow“. For this first issue, he can count on Jennifer, Alexia Laroche-Joubert, MB14, Didier Roustan, Marlene Schiappa, Magali Berdah and Vikash Dhorasoo to support him.

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