“Kyrie Irving will no longer be at the Nets this Christmas, he will play in this franchise”

In the eye of the storm in Brooklyn, Kyrie Irving may not make old bones among blacks and whites. According to an analyst, he should no longer be with the New York superteam in just over a month… and his next destination would already be obvious.

Contrary to what was whispered behind the scenes of the league for a few days, the NBA career of Kyrie Irving is not finished. On the contrary, the superstar will even make his return tonight against the Grizzlies, after having been suspended for several games by the Nets following the anti-Semitic controversy he sparked. An announcement that made Kevin Durant react in particularwho would obviously not say no to a few reinforcements in these difficult times (7-9, 10th in the East).

However, while Uncle Drew has apparently gone to great lengths to get back into the good graces of his franchise, all is not rosy as hinted that big push from Brooklyn on him. Moreover, some observers remain of the opinion that this reconciliation is only temporary, and that he will pack his bags before the transition to the year 2023. According to Jason Smith of Fox Sports Radioits next drop point would already be designated:

Kyrie Irving sent to the Lakers by Christmas?

Here’s my big prediction: We know where Kyrie wants to go, Kyrie is going to come back and play and be good, because when Kyrie plays he’s always really good, he’s always Kyrie Irving. He’s gonna come back, and he’s not gonna make the headlines for a few weeks and what’s gonna happen is two desperate teams are gonna get together, the Nets and the Lakers, and they’re gonna figure out a way to trade Kyrie to the Lakers. It will happen by Christmas, and by Christmas, Kyrie Irving will be a Los Angeles Laker.

The interest of the Pourpres et Ors towards the 2016 champion is indeed known to all, given that they have tried to recruit him throughout the off-season, without success however. Kai wishing to play with again LeBron James, this attraction is also reciprocal and given the difficulties that LA is going through this season, the franchise will certainly come back to the charge. What is certain is that she has the best odds for the guard in the entire league:

Kyrie Irving still remains in the corner of the Lakers’ head, and the Nets might just want to get rid of him after all the drama he’s caused them lately. A blockbuster trade around the leader would therefore clearly not be ruled out.

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