Karine Le Marchand picked up by a farmer from “Love is in the meadow”, the presenter sees red!

Every year, Karine Le Marchand takes pleasure in hosting the hit show Love is in the meadow on M6. During filming, Stéphane Plaza’s sidekick is always amazed by the immense generosity of the participants. “ They have little but they share everything. I don’t know a stingy farmer”she confided during a press briefing last summer as reported Gala. “Deep down I know I can come to anyone’s house and say, ‘I’m not well, can I sleep at your house tonight?’ They will say ‘yes’ to me, they will be very happy. They bring me a lot”.

Despite their difficult daily lives, they always have their hearts on their sleeves. “They give tremendous life lessons. We are in a world where everyone complains and they never complain. has underlined Karine Le Marchand. “ Even if I don’t look like it, I feel very close intellectually to the farmers”. This Monday, November 14, the presenter orchestrated the results of this 17ᵉ season. The opportunity for the main interested party to take stock with Alain le Breton. After countless twists and turns, the farmer and Marie-Ange finally decided to end their relationship.

“We discuss, it flows”

The latest news, the septuagenarian would still be a heart to take: ” I’m single. I want to live the years to come well and if I meet a person, it would be wonderful”. Obviously, the latter would seek a companion with whom “to have fun”.“Well, she has to have a good libido. And let it be morning and evening, analyzed Karine Le Marchand.

What his interlocutor replied cash: ” We agree. What must flow from source, what. Look, we’re both. We discuss, it flows “. Unfortunately for him, Karine Le Marchand did not seem receptive to his charms: “Yes but no, we will not sleep together! “.“If everyone knows their limits, there is no problem and everyone is in agreement”, thus concluded Alain, a bit confused. Things are clear!


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