Julien looks back on his clash with Laure Balon in TPMP (VIDEO)

A remonstrance that caused a lot of talk. As she debriefs one of the primes with the students of the star Academy, stage expression teacher Laure Balon attacked Julien who had just been saved a second time by the public. “You smile to flirt with the public and get votes. If you respected him, you wouldn’t do this. What do we care if the public likes you? Everyone has seen this, open your eyes, grow up”she had launched in front of the stunned student.

Following the numerous reactions of offended Internet users on social networks and the extent of this sequence, Laure Balon had finally apologized to the principal concerned.I don’t want it to stay like this. When I left the debriefs, I was very, very, very bad because in fact I didn’t give you your chance to express yourself. I cut you off and it was really clumsy on my part so I shouldn’t have“, she had conceded. And to add: “The worst thing is I’m supposed to help you deal with emotions and I haven’t dealt with mine so I’m still on learning ground like you, the only thing I wanted to do was trust you and I did the exact opposite. And besides, I didn’t take your discomfort into account so I wasn’t fair to you“.

This Tuesday, November 15, Cyril Hanouna received in Do not touch My TV the last two outgoing star Academy, Stanislas and therefore… Julien. “That’s it, is it forgotten?“, asked the host of C8 about this altercation with his teacher. “Of course it’s good”, replied the young man. “It’s adorable, she came to apologize, we started off on a good footing, and then it was over,” he added. “For her it was difficult because a lot of people fell on her“, recalled Cyril Hanouna. “Yes, I heard. Unfortunately. We weren’t on the same wavelength and then even she did her job as a teacher, she was authoritarian, she went all the way but I don’t blame her, it doesn’t matter”concluded Julien, visibly far from resentful.



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