Jude kisses Eliott (Summary in advance of episode 538 + Video)

“Here it all begins” in advance with the detailed and complete summary of episode 538 of Thursday November 24, 2022 + Video. In this new episode of ITC, the tension rises a notch between Greg and Eliott. Salomé surprises Thomas in a very awkward situation. For her part, Clotilde no longer knows who to believe.


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The summary of the previous episode of Here it all begins from November 23, 2022 is also online. Good reading.

“Here it all begins” Summary in advance of November 24, 2022

Clotilde distances herself from Jérémy

Antoine summoned Vic and Jérémy. Séverine, the client of the double A and who is close to Joachim, called him to complain about the scheme they had put in place to bring her back to the Institute and question her about her private life. Antoine reframes them sharply. Jérémy takes everything on himself to avoid problems for Vic who risks a reprimand or even worse, but he refuses to tell Antoine why he needed to bring Séverine back to the double A. he explains to him that it is about a personal story. Antoine advises them not to start again. Warned by Antoine, Clotilde asks Jeremy for an explanation, who ends up telling her everything. He is convinced that Joachim has a relationship with a double A client. Jeremy seems so sure of himself that Clotilde then approaches Joachim. He lies to her and makes her believe that he doesn’t know this double A client. And Joachim then explains to Clotilde that Jérémy still can’t stand them being together. He then tells her that her son made her believe that she was in debt, because he thought it would scare him away. Joachim tells Clotilde that he doesn’t want to mess things up between her and her son, and then points out that it would be nice if all this stopped.

Clotilde then asks Jeremy for an explanation, who insists that Joachim is lying to her about this client. Jérémy does not want his mother to suffer as she suffered with Guillaume. He tries to open her eyes and explains that she is in denial. Without success. Clotilde considers that she does not need to receive a moral lesson about the man she lives with and decides to distance herself from her son. Jeremy can stay at home until he leaves, but they will avoid each other as much as possible.


Kelly has an anxiety attack

Alyssia, Thomas Lacroix’s daughter, accompanies her father to the Auguste Armand Institute. She takes a selfie with Thomas and posts it on Instagram. Salomé is with Kelly and asks her niece if they still have lunch together at noon when they see Thomas hugging her daughter. Kelly accuses the blow. She pretends to Salome not to be affected, but the young woman is not fooled.

A little later, Salomé surprises Thomas in the locker room. He gets out of the shower and wears a simple towel around his waist. They are both embarrassed. Thomas asks Salomé to give him his T-shirt. Salomé has her back to him and can’t help but glance in the mirror to watch Thomas discreetly.

Salomé later confides in class to Anaïs how much she feels guilty for being attracted to Thomas. She has the feeling of betraying her niece. Salomé immediately receives a text message from Laetitia in which she writes to her that Kelly can no longer breathe. Salomé joins her niece and Laetitia at home. Kelly is in tears. She was very scared because her heart was beating very fast, which had never happened to her before. Salomé thinks Kelly had an anxiety attack because she was upset to meet Thomas this morning with Alyssia, which is the case. Kelly confides in Laetitia and Salomé how much she suffers from seeing Thomas and his daughter so close. She laments that Alyssia had the right to build a real relationship with him. Kelly has the feeling that she robbed her of the life she should have had. Laetitia comforts her.


Jude kisses Eliott

The day before, Eliott made the decision to take the assessments with Jude. Since then, Greg and Eliott have not spoken to each other, forcing Hortense to mediate before the start of Chef Landiras’ lesson. Eliott asks Greg to recognize that they were no longer able to work together and that they were going straight into the wall. But Greg does not digest that Eliott swung his decision in front of Teyssier. Eliott explains to him that he acted on impulse. But Greg finds it hard to believe and asks Eliott if he hadn’t talked about it with Jude before. Eliott confides to him that Jude offered to pair him up right after the course given by the Listrac chef. Greg tries to open his eyes once again to the fact that Jude is flirting with him. He points out that everyone realizes it, except him and adds “unless you know and it makes you happy”. Eliott rebels and braces himself.

Before the start of Chef Landiras’ course, Teyssier reminds students that exams start on Monday and regrets that some prefer to bask in the park rather than revise. This is why he asked Chief Landiras to make them work hard. Zacharie then distributes the list of techniques to be mastered to the students. They will have to work on them in pairs so that they are coordinated during the exams.

Brice and Greg are now in pairs. At the commissary, they discuss Jude and Mehdi interferes in their conversation. He advises Greg to trust Eliott. Mehdi thinks that Jude is not responsible for the problems they have in their relationship. Brice does not share his opinion. He knows Jude and knows what he is capable of. He explains to Mehdi Jude’s method which consists in finding the fault in a couple and playing on it. Mehdi insists, but Greg makes him understand that this story is none of his business.

For his part, Eliott works with Jude. The latter confides to him that it is not easy to assume being gay and to assume the gaze of people, and that it is for this reason that he is cold with others. He wants to protect himself. Eliott then indulges in a few secrets about his past and in particular about his parents who put him on the street when he was 15 because he was gay.

Jude has finished his preparation and offers Eliott to poach. Eliott wants to take the piping bag, but it slips out of his hands. He and Jude accidentally touch hands to catch her. Jasmine enters the studio at this moment and sees Jude and Eliott touching hands. She meets Greg and Eliott in the hallway. Jasmine is uncomfortable, which does not escape them. Jasmine reports to Greg and Lionel what she saw and adds that she felt disturbed.

A little later, helped by Lionel, Greg puts pressure on Jude. He accuses him of having designs on Eliott and summons Jude not to approach him any more, otherwise he will attack him physically. Greg then pushes him quite violently. Jude does not respond to his provocation. Greg gets angry and Lionel holds him back, as he is about to hit Jude. Greg ends up swinging at the latter that he won’t get anything from Eliott because he is asexual.

Taken into confidence by Jude, Eliott confronts Greg and insists that nothing is happening between him and Jude. Greg tells her that Jasmine saw them at the studio. Present, Jasmine points out to Eliott that they seemed very close. Eliott explains to him that they had just talked about personal things. Greg is sarcastic. Exasperated, Eliott goes for a walk. Greg realizes he’s let his jealousy get the better of him and tearfully confides to Jasmine how scared he is of losing Eliott. Jasmine comforts him.

Eliott joins Jude at the salt marshes. The latter has the feeling of having messed up his life. Eliott assures him that he has nothing to do with it and explains to him that he and Greg no longer understand each other. At the same time, a music that both of them are particularly fond of is playing on the radio. Eliott and Jude dance on it and share a moment of complicity. Jude takes this opportunity to kiss Eliott. The latter is disconcerted.

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