Josh Cavallo Destroys FIFA Over LGBTQ+ Issue

Josh Cavallo is one of the first footballers to come out. Indeed, the Australian announced it in October 2021, a rarity for a top professional footballer. And that’s why the 23-year-old is furious with FIFA after they banned the wearing of rainbow armbands for captains for all games this season. 2022 World Cup in Qatar, under penalty of sporting sanctions (such as a yellow card). He did not hesitate to show his dissatisfaction on his social networks, with strong words.

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“FIFA, I like my identity. Seeing that you banned all teams from wearing the ‘OneLove’ armband actively supporting LGBTQ+ at the World Cup. You at FIFA have lost my respect.” first let go of the midfielder before continuing in the same vein. “(Faced with) all the work that my allies and the LGBTQ+ community are doing to make football inclusive, you have demonstrated that football is not a place open to everyone” can we read on his post instagram.

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