Jean Dujardin and Alain Chabat still shattered by Cyril Hanouna, the origin of the conflict

Jean Dujardin was Alain Chabat’s Late Show guest, offered on TF1. And after the criticism on social networks, it is the turn of Cyril Hanouna about him in TPMP.

“The great debrief of Alain Chabat’s Late Show on TF1! “, announces the host before giving the floor to his columnist.

Raymond Aabou believes that this show lacked rhythm compared to shows like Arthur’s.
Cyril Hanouna validates the idea.

Gérard Maillet does not share their opinion and believes that if this program was broadcast on Canal Plus, the same group as C8, everyone would cry genius.
In reality, if Cyril Hanouna swings on Alain Chabat of which he was the former intern, it is because of a dispute that goes back a few years.

In the Burger Quiz he hosted on C8, he compared him to Kim Jong-Un.
“Cyril Hanouna, Kim Jong-Un or both” could be read at the time on a card. The candidate of the show was offered “His fans are ready to do anything to defend him”, “Suffers from the cult of personality”, “Has the full powers of a TV channel”, “Puts pressure blows by phone”, “Humiliates his collaborators”.

And a few days later, Cyril Hanouna had considered filing a complaint before his bosses calm his ardor.
“Burger Quiz is the funniest game show ever,” he said, before talking about Alain Chabat. “I think he likes us a lot, because he only talks about us. “.

“We have the impression that he is only talking about me,” continued the host. “So thank you Alain Chabat. “.

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