It starts today – “At 21, I gained 50kg in a year and a half”: Ludovic’s testimony on the hyperphagia that moved the web

Screenshot France 2 live / starts today

Screenshot France 2 live / it starts today

Hyperphagia, anorexia nervosa and orthorexia were at the heart of the discussions this Monday, November 14, 2022 in VSa starts today on France 2. But to approach this topic, the production had chosen a rare angle: that of the men. Thus, 25-year-old Ludovic came to fight his fight against hyperphagia. A moving and precious testimony, which aroused a lot of empathy on Twitter and on set.

This Monday, November 14, 2022, the week of It starts today on France 2 began with a strong theme, and not often treated from this angle: “Overeating, anorexia, orthorexia : these disorders which also affect men”. Questioned in the preamble by Faustine Bollaert, the nutritionist Patrick Serog present on the set explained this taboo by the rarity of male cases. “It’s first of all because there are very few of them and often they wallow in a solitude. It’s also more difficult to get the boys to talk,” he explained. As recalled on the show, the eating disorders indeed affect between 2 and 3 times more women than men.

However, this Monday, three young men courageously decided to speak out on this subject. And among them was Ludovic, 25, suffering from hyperphagia. It was after a diet, which had been suggested to him by a dietician, that he developed the disease. Between two sessions, he cracked secretly for greasy food like crisps, very quickly resulting in a strong feeling of guilt. The hyperphagia appeared, never to leave it until this day: “I can swallow large quantities without being hungry, without a specific goal. I go to eat eat eat… It’s often when I’m not well , that I am experiencing great emotion, stress, solitude. I’m going to take refuge in food like a comforter for a child”. As Faustine Bollaert pointed out, hyperphagia is not a simple tendency to gluttony, but is a real disease.

Moreover, Ludovic explained that he takes no pleasure when he ingests all this food. “It’s very quickly conflictual. It’s almost like a fight with food, I go get it and I find myself eating, because it has to be done and I don’t like it!”. His confusion takes on even greater proportions when he decides to settle alone in the north of France at the age of 21, a thousand kilometers from his family. “I gained 50kg in a year and a half […] I had crises very often“. An aggravation which he attributes to the absence of a family framework, to his pace of work but above all to loneliness.

“Ludovic’s testimony reflects so many truths”

If it is difficult for him to understand the precise origin of his illness, Ludovic remembers an adolescence marked by the lack of confidence and the difficulty in forging links with his comrades. Although born “in a loving family”, the young man evokes his impression of being “born stressed” as well as a distant diagnosis of High intellectual potential. Today, fortunately, he is doing a little better thanks to a return to his family and to psychotherapy followed for a year and a half, which allows him to “learn to understand himself”. But he still believes he has a long way to go. “I still have seizures, once or twice a week […] it depends on the phases, on how things are going in my life”.

On Twitter, the testimony full of sensitivity and discernment of the young man has greatly moved Internet users, who felt the urge to encourage him. A feeling visibly shared by Faustine Bollaert, who made him an unexpected proposal at the end of the show: send the production a short video of him every month with his evolution, in order to establish a kind of “emotional follow-up” . An idea also welcomed by Internet users.

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