Inflation: which products continue to increase significantly despite a lull?

The month of November rhymes with a slight lull in inflation, according to the UFC barometer what to choose. There remain many products whose prices continue to increase, in significant proportions.

Good news, inflation seems to be stabilizing. According to the estimates of the UFC that to choose, it is established at 5, 9% in this month of November, compared to last year. This is the overall increase. But as the UFC explains, some products continue to rise exponentially, and still weigh on household budgets.

Especially since the food sector is one of the most affected and inflation seems to continue to rise since it is around 13% in November, against 12% in October, notes the association. of consumer protection. Ditto for hygiene products, whose inflation is estimated at 13% in November.

Energy and electronics

Another category of products which continues to weigh heavily on household budgets and which continues to rise: energy. It is in any case a palpable reality for fuel oil, which jumped 49%. For the others, “gas is stable compared to November 2021, electricity is at ‘only’ +7%, gasoline at 9% and diesel at 18%… But this relative stabilization is misleading: it will only hold as long as the prices for individuals benefit from price shields”, warns the UFC.

Finally, electronics and household appliances continue to increase strongly. “Several categories are particularly heckled: refrigerators and freezers, radiators and air conditioners, vacuum cleaners and smartphones see their prices jump by 11 to 12% in November compared to the same period of 2021”.

This increase is explained by several factors: the products mentioned are suffering from rising energy costs, to which is added the continuation of the microprocessor supply crisis, which has lasted since 2020, recalls the UFC.

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