In Sochaux, the Stellantis factory saturates

In Sochaux, the Stellantis factory is currently at the heart of great concern. Although the multinational group is currently engaged in a reorganization of its logistics, with the aim of calling on different players for the transport of vehicles, and in particular of offering a collection service directly from dealers, it seems that this is not without consequence.

For several days, the factory car parks have been overflowing with new vehicles awaiting delivery, and are even reaching saturation point. Thousands of cars are thus parked in the various car parks of a factory which, on last Thursday alone, produced 1,100 units.

The plant therefore produces more vehicles than it is currently able to ship to its dealers.

A situation that irritates Jérôme Boussard, of the CGT: “ It is bullshit “, as Jean-Luc Ternet, of the CFTC: “ We already had a supplier problem (for semiconductor supply ndr)now it’s shipping issues. »

On the side of the management of Stellantis, we point ” port congestion and instability of rail transport to explain this delay in the delivery of vehicles.

Problem, Stellantiswho would not intend to pay ” inventory tax according to Eric Peultier, from FO, could decide to shut down the factory in order to bring stocks back to zero by the end of the year. A situation which would then turn against the employees of the site, which would be placed in partial activity until the situation improves.

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