“In my high school, they called me ‘trash'”

PARIS, FRANCE - JUNE 28: Frederique Bel attends Emmanuelle Rybojad’s Vernissage & Birthday Party at Angie Club on June 28, 2022 in Paris, France.  (Photo by Foc Kan/WireImage)

Frédérique Bel, complexed teenager: “In my high school, they called me “trash”. (Photo by Foc Kan / WireImage)

This Tuesday, November 22, 2022, France 2 rebroadcasts “The student and Mr. Henri”. On the poster of the feature film, the actress Frédérique Bel today bears her name well, and is renowned for her beauty as much as for her talent. But during her youth, she suffered for a long time from complexes and nicknames given by her classmates.

Everyone who has a surname that corresponds to an adjective knows it: children and adults alike are quick to make puns or more or less successful comparisons. Especially when it comes to adjectives related to physique. Frederique Bel experienced this throughout her youth, long before she gained self-confidence and her career made her a face well known to the French.

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Adolescence marked by complexes

Difficult to imagine Frédérique Bel with complexes. The actress revealed by “The Blonde Minute” indeed began her career as a lingerie model and body lining, in order to finance her acting lessons. However, in an interview with the Swiss version of 20 Minutes, she says that her physique was far from beauty standards, during his adolescence. “Initially, nature had not spoiled me at all! I’ve come a long way,” she said in 2014.

During her youth, she even suffered mockery from the students in her class: “In my high school they called me ugly, because my name is Bel. Or PouBel.” It was at this time that she decided to bet on something other than her physical appearance, and in particular on her sense of humor: “I understood that I had to develop something other than the physical. I started with humor and intellect, and I caught up with the rest along the way.”

A character based on clichés

If Frédérique Bel is brunette, it is under the character of the blonde Dorothy Doll that she made herself known on Canal +, not hesitating to play with humor on the clichés around blondes, often cataloged as not very intelligent. . “Today a blonde in a film is bound to be a bit stupid, considered a sex object. The days of Catherine Deneuve are over. Misogyny is worse today. Women’s rights have been restricted. Progress does not does not go with freedom”, she regretted in the columns of TV Magazine.

Moreover, as soon as she went back to brown, she quickly realized that the image that the producers and directors could have of her was different: “I realized that the directors looked at me differently, that we offered me more ‘dramatic’ roles.”

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A relationship with the body that has evolved

Now 47, Frédérique Bel feels good about herself, and she still likes to seduce, even if the fact that she posed in lingerie and naked does not please everyone. Her relationship to her appearance has evolved, as she confided to Glamuse : “My body is my working tool and the mirror of my soul. It is my temple and I try to take care of it by evolving with it. (…) I obviously have complexes. I know where they are. are, but I try to concentrate and essentially highlight my assets. A body is above all a way of moving, of looking, the energy it reveals… A personality.”

Moreover, it was at 20 Minutes that she had delivered a frank conclusion, a little fatalistic, but perhaps also very realistic: “I am like the ugly duckling who has become a beautiful swan. But I know that beauty is perishable. I will become ugly again.” This will not prevent him from staying in tune with his body.

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