In China, the strong anger of the Cantonese after a new confinement

They rebel against the health policy zero Covid. residents of Cantonin southern China, clashed with law enforcement after the extension of a confinement.

Since last month, part of the 18 million inhabitants of this large metropolis have been subject to travel restrictions, due to an epidemic rebound. Haizhu district, home to about 1.8 million people, is where most of the positive cases are concentrated. On Monday, the authorities decided to extend until Wednesday evening a confinement in force in most of the district.

“We don’t want any more tests”, chant the demonstrators

Videos released on Monday show hundreds of residents protesting in the streets. Some tear down the large plastic barriers that serve to confine buildings or neighborhoods. In other images, protesters attack officers in full white protective suits.

“We don’t want any more tests! “, chant protesters, while objects are thrown at the police. Demonstrations in China are less frequent than in the West and above all less publicized. But social networks have regularly echoed in recent months scenes of exasperation of the population in the face of the inflexible zero Covid policy.

Many Chinese complain about these unexpected restrictions, which in some cases cause food shortages and complicate access to healthcare for confined people.

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