Importing new cars: what are the terms of sale?

As announced by the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, the Ministry of Industry has lifted the veil on the specifications governing the activity of car dealers and manufacturers. Indeed, the executive decree setting the conditions and procedures for the exercise of these activities was published yesterday in No. 76 of the Official Journal.

The latest issue of Official newspaperpublished yesterday, Thursday November 17, 2022, unveiled the new executive decree signed by the Prime Minister, Aïmene Benabderrahmane, setting the conditions and procedures for exercising the activity of new vehicle dealership.

Regarding the conditions of sale applicable to the authorized dealer, the decree stipulates, among other things, that “the sale price appearing on the order form for the new vehicle must be firm, non-revisable and non-updatable upwards”. In addition, “the final invoice must comply with the legislation and regulations in force and possibly include discounts, rebates and rebates granted”, further specifies the same source.

“The delivery time of the new vehicle subject to an order cannot exceed 45 days from the date of the order”, specifies the decree. However, “this period may be extended on the basis of a written document after the agreement of both parties”. In the case of payment of the full price of the vehicle, “the authorized dealer must ensure delivery within 7 days at the latest”.

In this same sense, the decree indicates that “in the event of non-compliance with the terms of the order, the two parties may agree to an amicable solution”. However, in the event of the customer’s refusal, “the authorized dealer must, within a week, return to the customer the deposit or the full amount paid with an increase representing 10% of the amount paid”, noted the same source.

What are the conditions of sale for new passenger vehicles?

In addition, the new text highlights the safety and environmental protection requirements that must be met by new imported vehicles. In the case of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, the text stipulates that they must have at least the following safety equipment:

  • anti-lock braking system (ABS);
  • electronic stability control (ESC, ESP), for vehicles with a cylinder capacity greater than 1200 cm³;
  • speed limiter and/or cruise control device, for vehicles with a cylinder capacity greater than 1200 cm³;
  • two (2) front airbags (driver and passenger);
  • two (2) front airbags (driver and passenger) and side airbags for passenger vehicles with engine displacement equal to or greater than 1.6 litres;
  • seat belts for all passengers and anchor points comply with regulatory provisions and meet applicable crash test standards;
  • head restraints for the front and rear seats;
  • child seat restraint system (ISOFIX);
  • windscreen and rear screen de-icing and demisting devices;
  • driver and front passenger seat belt reminder system.

It should be noted that these devices concern new passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, which the same document defines as being “vehicles intended for the transport of persons comprising, at most, nine (9) seats, including that of the driver, and whose weight does not exceed 3,500 Kg”.

Importing cars: what terms for the dealer?

In addition, the new text details all the terms and conditions to which the concessionaire must comply with a view to to import new vehicles in Algeriain particular “compliance with the legislative provisions of the said decree and subscription to the specifications, attached as an appendix”.

Thus, the text stipulates that “the authorized dealer can only deliver new vehicles that have been subject to a conformity check by the services in charge of the mines, in accordance with the legislation and regulations in force”. Moreover, “the authorized dealer must carry out the required verifications before delivering the new vehicle to the customer”. And this, in order to ensure its compliance with the established order.

On delivery, the vehicle is provided with the technical documents, especially its manual and its maintenance booklet. As well as the provisional registration card and the delivery slip. Unless otherwise specified, delivery must also be made with at least one spare wheel, one jack, one crank, one set of keys (tools), one safety kit and one first aid kit.

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