“I still have goosebumps”

On Monday, the national gendarmerie launched a call for witnesses to track down the perpetrators shootings that took place during parties in Rivière-Salée last week. 7 people were injured in the middle of a showcase at the Domaine de l’Oasis. Patricia was part of the audience. A few days later, she testifies, upset:

Living it and hearing it are two different things. I was there at that party and I still have goosebumps… I’m shaking.

Patricia found herself close to one of the injured people: “It does something,” she says.

This witness to the events also expressed her anger:

Don’t make innocent people risk their lives. We came for fun after two years of covid and this is what’s going on? I was horrified and disgusted. I talk about that, I tremble.

Patricia’s testimony in our interactive program “REAGISSEZ” can be listened to here:

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