“I have two or three things to tell you”, a candidate curtly cropped by Michael Goldman

Léa is certainly a nice surprise for this 2022 edition of the star Academy. Although she divides Internet users on social networks by her strong character, she seems appreciated by the whole castle. But this Tuesday, November 15, she had not convinced the teachers when it came to taking the assessments which would determine the nominees for next Saturday as well as the first finalist for this season.

“I don’t even know what I saw. She was killing me with laughter but I laughed because it sucked. It really sucked” deplored Yanis Marshall, before program director Michael Goldman shared this opinion. “I didn’t expect her to do Molière for us. It’s very little work. There is no text. It’s not written. For the song, I must admit that I I was disappointed. I was told: It’s Léa who’s taking over Christine Aguilera, it’s his field so much that I think it’s going to be incredible. And the problems of accuracy that bothered me”, he judged.

Firm words from the son of Jean-Jacques Goldman, who thus deplored a lack of investment on the part of his pupil, she who was however qualified as “hard worker” in his picture. But she was unfortunately not at the end of her troubles, since this Thursday, November 17, after…

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