Human trafficking undervalued

Human trafficking has decreased significantly during the pandemic. At least officially. Because on the side of the United Nations, the concern remains.

Attention is paid to the poorest countries. Trafficking, prostitution and forced labor prosper clandestinely, especially on the internet, without the criminals being bothered by the justice system.

A trend explained by Ilias Chatzis, head of the human trafficking section for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.

‚ÄúThere has been an explosion of sexual exploitation on the internet. But during the pandemic, law enforcement and justice agencies have come to a complete standstill in a number of countries. They have had to diversify their workforce to maintain their health system”

A decrease of 11% was recorded on cases related to human trafficking. The difference between rich and poor countries remains considerable. While it has been halved in Asia and North Africa, this figure is increasing in Europe and North America. These cases detected in decline is a first for twenty years which will not remain an exception. And that is what worries the UN agency.

Because in other years of the pandemic, traffickers have had the opportunity to expand their criminal structures undetected.

“The numbers have dropped so significantly that if we are to have real opportunities to eradicate these crimes, then we have to think differently.” concludes the UN chief.

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