How to save energy by (easily) making a “cooking pot”

Called “hay box” or “fireless cooker” in Anglo-Saxon countries, the norwegian pot – as it is called in France – is a “process for cooking food consisting of placing it in a container which is itself contained in an insulating receptacle”. Alizée and Yoann, a young couple who build everyday objects tosave energyexplain how it works.

An easy-to-make item

Designed as part of their Ways of doing workshoptheirs consists of an insulating box, making it possible to prepare dishes in sauce which normally cook over low heat for several hours: “The Norwegian pot allows you to cook very little time on the gas or electric hotplates, and then leave about three times longer than the recommended cooking time, but in a very well insulated box,” explains Yoann.

“What is important is that the dish has first boiled on a plate or over a fire for a quarter of an hour; then, we place in the Norwegian pot and we wait…”, explains Alizée. “The purpose of a fireless cooker is to drastically reduce the use of energies for cooking because we know that it is one of the most energy-consuming poles in the house and the least efficient in terms of energy efficiency “, adds Yoann.

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