How Russia’s Arms and Ammunition Stockpiles Were Severely Dented by Ukrainian Targeted Attacks

Under the fire of the bombardments, Russian soldiers scamper off. Around them, dozens of crates filled with ammunition and shells explode one after the other in a chain reaction that will pulverize the surrounding buildings and vehicles.

This scene is just one example of dozens of videos that The world could check. In total, they prove that at least 52 Russian ammunition depots have been hit by the Ukrainian military since the end of March 2022. According to analysts we consulted, there are, in total, between 100 and 200 of these depots. Russians on the Ukrainian front.

The strategy of the Ukrainian army is clear: to target the Russian rear front and its logistics chains to slow down or even prevent the resupply of arms and ammunition. But is this tactic effective?

While they do not allow general conclusions to be drawn, satellite images analyzed by The world show a rapid decline in the amount of ammunition in some large Russian bases, where they are stored in the open. The analysis of social networks and Russian media also lifts the veil on a war effort launched at the same time, in particular to develop the production of arms factories.

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