“Household scenes”: Here’s why Marion Game, alias Huguette, is absent from tonight’s special Prime on M6, when she is one of the key characters in the program!

Some fans of “Household scenes” may be disappointed this evening when they discover the bonus which will be broadcast as a bonus on M6, because Marion Game does not appear in the program. Huguette is indeed the great absentee from this special edition broadcast from 9:10 p.m. on M6. The six couples of the series join indeed the island of Beauty, where a stay far from being of any rest waits for them. The opportunity for the various duos to discover the region in the company of distinguished guests who have joined the cast for this premium…

But the absence of Marion Game will necessarily be noted by all those who follow the program. According to our colleagues from Entertainment TV who questioned the production, the reason for this absence is as follows:

“Marion Game was tired when filming the prime shot in Corsica in sometimes difficult conditions, we explain on the channel side. In consultation with her and her family, it was decided that she would stay in Paris to to rest. Viewers will therefore not see her in this bonus, but they will continue to see Raymond and Huguette every evening in the daily newspaper Scenes of households.

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