Hoshi didn’t expect “so much hate” after her lesbian kiss live on TV

Invited on Monday evening by Clique on Canal +, Hoshi returned to her lesbian kiss at the Victoires de la Musique which triggered a tidal wave of criticism and hatred.

Three years after her performance at the Victoires de la Musique, Hoshi still faces the haters who blame her for her lesbian kiss on the stage of the ceremony. A way for her, at the time and still today, to denounce the prevailing homophobia in society.

But this simple kiss with her dancer was the starting point of an unprecedented wave of harassment for the singer. Reactions she did not expect as she confessed Monday night on the show Click by Mouloud Achour on Canal +. “Honestly, I didn’t think I would have so much hatred after that anyway because it was benevolent in fact. It was taken up by the Manif pour tous and then by far-right groups on social networks . And since then, I’ve been getting threats for a kiss over and over. I haven’t done anything more than this song (Sincere love, ndlr) and a kiss”explained the singer, admitting despite everything that she “would do it again to denounce”.

Very marked by the messages of hatred received for several years, Hoshi shared a few days ago, on social networks, some disgusting, violent and shameful messages sent by his haters. “Do you see that? Does that shock you? I received thousands of them. It stopped me…

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