his eldest Lila is already 21 years old, she is his sublime double

Virginie Ledoyen has been making a splash for years. The actress started very young, at 3 years old, in commercials, turns in a clip like save the love by Daniel Balavoine and made his first film at the cinema, at the age of 10, with the Franco-Italian film The Exploits of a Young Don Juan by Gianfranco Mingozzi. It was during the 1980s and since then the actress has never left the screens, she who is celebrating her 46th birthday on November 15, 2022, has a magnificent face without any surgical intervention. She can also tell herself that the transmission of charisma is assured, since her eldest daughter Lila is her magnificent double.

In 1997, Virginie Ledoyen starred in the film heroines by Gerard Krawczyk. In this feature film, she co-stars with Maïdi Roth who has since flourished as a singer-songwriter. The talented Virginie also collaborated with Louis Soubrier, professional production designer for this film. A couple was born then, then a child, Lila, on September 27, 2001. Six years later, the one who gave the reply to Leonardo DiCaprio and Guillaume Canet in The beach crosses paths with Arie Elmaleh. In a relationship with Gad’s brother from 2007 to 2015, she will welcome the birth of two other children, a son, Isaac, in July 2010, then Amalia, in April 2014.

The years have passed. While his mother has shot in works as different as Eight women, Everything that…

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