Here’s What Your Couch Position Says About Your Relationship, According to Science

To find out if your couple goes wrong, it would have to be relied on how you settle on the sofa with your other half. Far from being trivial, the position you adopt would be much more revealing than it looks, as suggested by a study conducted by the psychologist Dr Georgina Barnettwith 2,000 couples living together. “Tell me how you are sitting, I will tell you if everything is fine in your relationship”says the specialist, whose research results are surprising.

What your position on the couch says about your relationship

If it seems like a good sign to have a habit of hugging your partner when you’re both sitting on the sofa, it would be better to do it in the middle of it than in a corner, as this would indicate problems with your relationship. balance in the couple. The complicity is very present, but the one who is in the corner can feel somewhat crushed under the weight of the other, both physically and symbolically.

If you decide to sit side by side while maintaining physical contact, according to Georgina Barnett, it is proof that the love is there, that it is strong, but that the passion of the first emotions may have taken off a little to the detriment of the routine.

When your other half lies down or puts their head or legs on your lap, this shouldn’t necessarily be seen as a gesture of tenderness, but rather a sign of dominance.

Worst of all, if everyone decides to sit on opposite sides of the couch, that’s usually the position you take when trying to avoid the other and keep your distance.

The position of the legs of the partners would also be all the more significant. If they are at a distance from each other, it is certainly that the couple is going through a very bad patch.

As for the couples who do not sit on the same sofa, according to the expert, this simply testifies to everyone’s desire to maintain their independence and their space, without it necessarily being a question of a problem in Household chores.

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